We Are Shop

We deal in big thinking and creative solutions that meet even "bigger" visions. We're a working, self-publishing group who develop projects for print, web, the big screen and the real world. As such, our clients are both internal and external, which gives us the unique perspective of understanding and empathizing with their needs because, well, some of the time we are the clients.

Our Ethic

We believe in the power of visual communication and exploration. We subscribe to the power of the sketchbook, the digital tablet and believe in the wonders of marginalia. Most of all we believe in the process of hard work, creative thinking and that the artist should always be at play.

Our Clients

We take pride in developing creative solutions for our client's design needs. We love getting into the thick of a design problem and emerging with a comprehensive solution. We provide web design, print design and videography work for a variety of wonderful groups. You can read more about the projects we've created in our portfolio section.

Our Projects

We happen to have the dubious honor of being our own most finicky and demanding client with multiple side projects that we have developed. Each project we undertake stems from the heart of a DIY ethic and the will to create.

Ongoing projects include character design and creating plush goodies via Dolls for Friends, publishing our thoughts about design, art and film in the pages of our small webzine, Sweet Machi Machi and a host of other ideas that we put into development as inspiration strikes.

But whether the client is internal us or external, we put the same amount of hard work, creativity and pride into everything we visualize, touch and create.