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The realign is a subtle art in itself. It's not quite a redesign, but it strives to take what is currently not working, rearrange it, give it a little tlc and then release it back into the wild where it can stand proud, waving its pixel banner for all to see.

Peri Ponchos is a producer of exceptionally high quality poncho wear for children. Their site suffered from a rushed implementation and e-commerce design, which left users wandering and wondering how to effectively navigate the site. Because the budget was a concern, they opted to go with a realign of the home page and a general tightening up of the secondary pages and e-commerce elements vs. a complete redesign.

Always up for a challenge, we set in breaking down the existing page into basic components and then realigning them into a clear underlying structure, which was then wrapped in a new, sweet and crunchy shell. The result was an easily decipherable, updated, clean layout that provided clear navigational paths to the most imporant parts of the site. The information architecture (IA) was also adjusted to better categorize pages and make information clearer. We also introduced a new supplementary navigational system to assist users in getting back to primary pages. Other changes that we implemented were migrating the site over to html5 and adding in some fine details through css3. Win win.

Overall, the project was extremely enjoyable. This type of work is good in that we enjoy taking something that is not completely broken and being able to massage it a bit to reveal the value hidden inside.


  • Comps
  • Website Realign
  • HTML/CSS Coding
  • Skinning and Implementation of mockups into a Big Commerce template.

Peri Ponchos website after realign

Peri Ponchos website before realign