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We are huge proponents of the craft movement and the flurry of small businesses that have emerged from this wonderous resurrgence of the DIY ethos. We have tried to seek out these individuals in an effort to help them put a bit of spit and polish on thier wares. We simply believe that the little guys should have the same sheen as the bigger guys.

As a craft-based startup, specializing in high quality quilt making, Squared Up was in need of a professional mark that would set them apart from their competition. The name being a quilting term in itself, we started generating some ideas that would speak to the business. We generated several ideas and after an intense hack and slash session, we narrowed it down to a couple different marks.

We were especially happy with the our initial design (shown below), but after talking with the client a bit more about what she was comfortable with, we decided to work towards a more streamlined, literal interpretation of the name. While we were a bit dubious at first as to how we would feel about the more simplified mark, by the end of our edits we were very happy that we'd explored the options. The client ended up with a strong logo that will grow along with her business.


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Squared Up Final Logo and Alternate Designs