We are a multi-disciplinary design studio

Yes, we can get old school.

Multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary design.

We approach design issues with an informed and meaningful intent. There is a problem that needs to be solved and as a team we can arrive at a great solution.

We enjoy working across different mediums and project types, and we’re always searching for that next challenging project that will help us to further extend our skills and broaden our thinking processes. Our team is every bit as comfortable articulating pixels and crafting logos as we are engineering thousands of lines of code.

What We Do

A little of this and a lot of that.


Web Design

App Design

Logo Design

Identity Design

Graphic Design


Custom Web Development

Content Mangement Systems

E-Commerce Solutions


Content Strategy

Brand Strategy

Digital Marketing

Content Creation

Content Management and Governance



Social Media Marketing


We’re available for a variety of interactive design and strategy consulting opportunities.

Our Office

W. 9th Street
Vancouver, WA 98660
+1 (360) 718 7878

be wonderful.

About shop

shop is a working, self-publishing design studio based in Vancouver, WA. We collaborate with clients, developing projects for the web, big screens, small screens, and the real world. As such, our clients are both internal and external giving us a unique point of view. We use that point of view to help deliver meaningful solutions to everyone we work with.