We are a multi-disciplinary design studio

We design useful things from our studio in Vancouver, Washington.

Think “workshop,” just a bit easier to pronounce.

We are shop. A small group of web designers, graphic designers, developers, and makers who have banded together with the goal of providing beautiful design solutions for our clients.

We are multi-disciplinary. What that means is that we feel as comfortable working on an enterprise class website as we do helping define brand strategies that guide small to medium size businesses to the next level.

We’re collaborative in our approach to design. We want to form partnerships. The better we know our client’s business, the more creative and meaningful the solutions we provide become.

We’re thinkers and doers. We love pushing the envelope. We want to try our hand at different things, which means we are always working on research, writing, side projects, and things we’re passionate about to help us get better at what we do for others.

Our Office

W. 9th Street
Vancouver, WA 98660
+1 (360) 718 7878

be wonderful.

About shop

shop is a working, self-publishing design studio based in Vancouver, WA. We collaborate with clients, developing projects for the web, big screens, small screens, and the real world. As such, our clients are both internal and external giving us a unique point of view. We use that point of view to help deliver meaningful solutions to everyone we work with.